Mm Souvenir
30 Bamboo hats of various size and all kinds.jpg
38 Colourful and cheap cotton bags and hand-made accessories.jpg
37 Bagan,  Here are some more bronze souvenirs to buy from Bagan.jpg
36 Bagan, Cane products, wooden artefacts and souvenirs for all.jpg
35 Bagan, Sidewalk stalls selling local products of Bagan, near Dhammayazika.jpg
69 Bagan, Lacquerware shop.jpg
33 Souvenir vendors selling local products on the way to Mount Popa.jpg
32 Beautifully decorated puppets as Myanmar souvenirs.jpg
19 More souvenir items.jpg
18 Bronze images, weights, souvenirs from Myanmar.jpg
21 Silver, bronze and other metal pipes for smoking.jpg
25 Lacquerware products from Myanmar.jpg
20 Silverware products from Myanmar.jpg
29 Beautiful and colorful Lacquerware from Bagan.jpg
28 Lunch boxes of the old time made in lacquerware.jpg
27 More lacquerware products.jpg
69 Bagan, Lacquerware shop.jpg
22 Gold and Silver tapestry embroidery from Myanmar.jpg
31 Water Hyacinth and Crane products, a main export product of Myanmar.jpg
26 Rows of lacquerware bowls and boxes in the showroom.jpg
23 Tapestry weaving, Souvenirs from Myanmar.jpg
17 Souvenirs items in Mingun.jpg
16 Many artistic wodden carvings of Myanmar.jpg
15 Small and large, ancient style replication of Buddha Images and other images.jpg
14 A Naga Design Blanket for sale.jpg
13 Cloth paintings which are replication from Bagan Temples.jpg
12 Colorful T-shirts in Bogyoke Aung San Market.jpg
11 Myanmar style longyis.jpg
10 Cotton and colorful hand-woven longyis from Myanmar.jpg
09 A dancer couple marionettes.jpg
08 Myanmar's  variety of Marionettes.jpg
07 Colorful marionettes, a favourite souvenir from Myanmar.jpg
06 Beads threaded necklaces.jpg
05 Myanmar Fashionable Jewellery made of Sapphire, Ruby, Jade and Diamonds.jpg
04 Gems and Jewellery of Myanmar.jpg
03 Kachin Bags with silver strings as Souvenirs from Myanmar.jpg
02 The lacquerware showroom in Bagan.jpg
01 Colorfully painted umbrellas produced from Bagan.jpg